Stanford University is partnering with the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) and DuraSpace on the Hydra-in-a-Box project, to develop, bundle, and promote a feature-rich, robust, flexible digital repository that is easier to install, configure, and maintain. This next-generation repository solution incorporates capabilities and affordances to support networked resources and services. Informed by the current and anticipated needs of repository managers with real-world experiences, Hydra-in-a-Box is designed to be a highly-interoperable and scalable next-generation digital repository solution, enabling institutions regardless of type, size, and technical means to participate in the repository community. 

With funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the 30-month collaborative project began in May 2015, launched an intensive requirements gathering and design process in summer 2015, and began active software development in February 2016. Our challenge is clear: to “tame” the Hydra by producing a sustainable, cloud-deployable repository solution that: has robust support for widely needed features; is configurable to meet institutions’ divergent needs; and interoperates with a growing national digital platform.