SDR Deposit of the Week: Data on Exhibit

Microscopy image by Juan G. Cueva and Miriam B. Goodman

For nearly four years, the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) has been home to the research outputs of scientists and scholars from across Stanford’s campus. But while those data files, videos, source code, microscopy images, survey results, maps and more have been discoverable and accessible through the Libraries’ online catalog, SearchWorks, it has been hard to get an overview of all the available data. Until now.

Introducing the new Research from Stanford University exhibit. From here you can see all the Stanford research data in the SDR and read Data Stories about the motivations behind these research projects, why the data are important, and why researchers chose to share their data through the SDR.

You have several options for navigating the exhibit. Click on “Collections” to select a subset of data to examine, either the general purpose “Stanford Research Data” collection or one of the smaller collections from a particular research project or group. Or you can choose to start at “Data Stories” to read more about a particular project and then use links in the story to view the related data sets. You can also start by entering a term of interest in the search box at the top right and seeing what data sets come up (I recommend trying “water” or “energy”).

Explore research on marine mammals, flight, brain trauma, and weather; educational opportunity, the Uzbek language, city green spaces, and Enlightenment networks; epidemiology, protein folding, neuroimaging, and liquid explosions. And much more!

Inspired to deposit your data in the Stanford Digital Repository? Contact us at and we will get you started!