Chinese landscape paintings exhibited at East Asia Library

May 9, 2019
Joshua Capitanio
Chinese landscape painting

From May 11 to May 17, the East Asia Library will host a pop-up exhibition of Chinese landscape paintings produced by students in ART228: The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting, taught by Dr. Felix Chan Lim and Dr. Bobbi Makani-Lim.  The paintings will be displayed in the exhibition cases on the 3rd floor landing.

Continuously evolving for a period of more than 6,000 years, Chinese Brush Painting is considered as one of the oldest living arts in the world. It is a fascinating and unique art form, simple in spirit, concept and execution. This ancient art reflects harmony, serenity and tranquility, yet its execution could be exceedingly contemporary. 

ART228 introduces students to the basic philosophy, concepts, fundamental techniques, materials used and composition, leading to a better appreciation of Chinese landscape painting as an art. Chinese landscape is probably one of the most conventional and prominent subjects of this art genre and is composed of a compendium of different elements. Before the artwork can be completed, the artist has  to  be  able  to  portray  the  individual  elements  with  which  the  painting  can  be  built  with. The elements of Chinese  landscape painting include: rocks, mountains, trees, houses, bridges, boats and people.

Throughout the course, students learned different techniques and develop skills in using the Chinese brush to paint and combine elements in Chinese landscape. This class art exhibit is a showcase of the techniques students learned in the course.

Featured student artists: 

Adele Chi   
Manjusha Ganguly 
Zhenqi Guan 
Tomoe Kalnay
Yaqi Miao  
Xiting Ouyang   
Linda Papanicolaou  
Susan Poletti   
Christine Saint Georges
Ran Xin 
Luwei Zhang
Mingming Zhao  
Ruiqi Zhou