HOWLoween 2021: Celebrating Wolf Awareness Week at Stanford Libraries on Oct. 18-22

October 7, 2021
Kathleen M Smith
Image of wolf howling in front of sunset, from

We love Halloween at Stanford Libraries! In 2019 and 2018 we were thrilled to share with you some exciting items from the collections, and this year we’re expanding our Halloween celebration to an entire week of online and in-person activities to mark Wolf Awareness Week on October 18-22, 2021.


The Beats Within: Comparing AI & Human Adaptations of “Howl”
Quinn Dombrowski (Libraries/DLCL) and Kathleen Smith (Libraries) will look at translations and adaptations of Ginsberg’s most famous poem, including examples of how large machine-learning models “translate” the poem into other authorial voices and different media.
Zoom (register HERE)
5:00PM on Monday, Oct. 18th
Howling Lesson
Stephanie Hunt (Theater and Performance Studies) will teach us how to properly and safely howl using correct vocal techniques. The lesson will be followed by a "Group Howl.” Although wolves are pack animals, physical distancing will be observed, especially for the loudest howls.
Koret Park, outside Green Library
5:00PM on Tuesday, Oct. 19th
Steinbeck's Wolves and Werewolves: A Conversation with Gavin Jones
Gavin Jones (English) will discuss the reception of Steinbeck’s unpublished werewolf novel and what the fascination with wolves tells us about American literature.
Zoom (register HERE
5:00PM Wednesday, Oct. 20th
Skull School
Maria Viteri (Biology) will display animal skulls, including the gray wolf, and discuss comparative animal anatomy and classification.
Koret Park, outside Green Library
2:30pm on Thursday, Oct. 21st

The Wolf of Gubbio in Latin America From Ruben Darío to Serú Girán
Ximena Briceño (Iberian and Latin American Cultures) will discuss the retelling of the story of Francis’ wolf from the Fioretti in Latin American literature.
Zoom (register HERE)
5:00PM on Friday, Oct. 22nd