Tom Cramer

Associate University Librarian
Director, Digital Library Systems & Services
Chief Technology Strategist

Hannah Frost

Assistant Director, Digital Library Services

M.A. Matienzo

Assistant Director for Digital Strategy and Access
Project Director, Lighting the Way
(650) 683-5769
Thib Guicherd-Callin

Thib Guicherd-Callin

Program Manager, LOCKSS Program
Assistant Director, Digital Library Systems and Services
(650) 725-1134

Vivian N Wong

Associate Director for Infrastructure Engineering




Michael Angeletti

Moving Image Digitization Specialist
Cathy Aster

Catherine A. Aster

Senior Digital Library Services Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
Spotlight at Stanford Exhibits
Electronic Theses and Dissertations
(650) 619-3930
Tony Calavano

Tony Calavano

Digitization Lab Manager
Nicole Coleman

Catherine Nicole Coleman

Digital Research Architect
Research Director, Humanities + Design
(650) 575-9958

Shelley Doljack

Library Systems Programmer
Mike Giarlo

Mike Giarlo

Digital Library Software Engineer & Architect
Dinah Handel

Dinah Handel

Digitization Services Manager
(650) 885-1222
Kabir Hermon

Kabir Hermon

Audio Digitization Specialist

Jacob Hill

Data Manager & Project Coordinator, Digital Library of the Middle East

Linda Lam

Book Digitization Specialist
Peter Mangiafico

Peter Alexander Mangiafico

Product Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
Michael Olson

Michael G Olson

Service Manager for Born Digital Preservation Lab
(650) 308-6538

Sarah A Seestone

Access & Discovery Service Manager
(650) 804-6047

Astrid Johannah Smith

Rare Book and Special Collections Digitization Specialist

Wayne Vanderkuil

Lead Photographer
Digitization Specialist
Geoff Willard

Geoff Willard

Media Production Coordinator