Introduction to Interactive Data Visualization with D3.js


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Date and Time 
February 7, 2018
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Green Library 121A
Event Sponsor 
Stanford University Libraries

Requirements: Basic familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
This workshop will introduce the D3.js data visualization library. We will cover the basics of how to use this library to create dynamic, interactive data visualizations. Topics will include data joins, selections, animated transitions, and how to create visualizations like bar charts, pie charts, time series, and others. Attendees are encouraged, in preparation for the workshop, to browse and read some of the introduction and tutorials available here:
Because this is a hands-on workshop, attendees should bring a computer with a web browser. No additional software needs to be installed.
This workshop is offered by Stanford Libraries' Center for Interdisciplinary Research as part of its mission to provide training in technical academic research practices and applied research methods.