Executive Committee

Mike Ashenfelder
Howard Besser, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, NYU
Nick Krabbenhoeft, Educopia Institute
Alicia Kubes, Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, NYU
Marie Lascu, Activist Archivists
Bill Lefurgy, Library of Congress (Retired)
Cinda May, Indiana State University
Charles Ransom, University of Michigan
Rufus de Rham, Film Society of Lincoln Center
Lance Stuchell, University of Michigan
Jeff Ubois, MacArthur Foundation

Program Committee

Samantha Abrams, StoryCorps
Yasmin AlNoamany, UC Berkeley
Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive
Andrew Berger, Computer History Museum
Peter Chan, Stanford University
Glynn Edwards, Stanford University
Martin Gengenbach, Gates Archive
Sudheendra Hangal, Ashoka University
Lori Kendall, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Cal Lee, University of North Carolina
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
Brianna Marshall, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Jaime Mears, The Memory Lab, DC Public Library
Yvonne Ng, Witness
Michael Olson, Stanford University
Charles Ransom, University of Michigan
Josh Schneider, Stanford University
Michael Shallcross, University of Michigan
Kari Smith, MIT
Lance Stuchell, University of Michigan
Kate Tasker, UC Berkeley
Nicholas Taylor, Stanford University
Zach Vowell, California Polytechnic
Jamie Wittenberg, UC Berkeley
Glen Worthey, Stanford University

Planning Committee

Peter Chan, Stanford University (Conference Co-Chair)
Glynn Edwards, Stanford University (Volunteer Chair)
Paula Jabloner, Computer History Museum
Rebecca Leung, San Jose State University
Mark Matienzo, Stanford University 
Michael Olson, Stanford University (Demo Chair)
Josh Schneider, Stanford University (Conference Co-Chair)
Nicholas Taylor, Stanford University
Glen Worthey, Stanford University (Hackathon Co-Sponsor)


T.J. Cruzada, Stanford University
Sally DeBauche, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Elizabeth Fischbach, Stanford University
Deardra Fuzzell, Stanford University
Heather Hughes, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Jenny Johnson, Stanford University
Paige Minister, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
G. Salim Mohammed, Stanford University
Sarah Patton, Hoover Institution, Stanford University
Liz Konzak Phillips, Hoover Institution, Stanford University