Videos and slides

Following are videos, and if available, slides from presenters at the 2015 Science Boot Camp West for Librarians. Not all speakers were recorded.  Video files are large and best viewed by downloading them rather than watching online. View the full agenda for the Boot Camp in LibGuides.

Monday, July 27


Dr. Kathy Ivey, Gladstone Institutes, "Experience with an e-Notebook and Lab Logistics System for Digital Data and Project Management" (video - includes intro by Helen Josephine and Bob Schwarzwalder)

Dr. Mark Smith, ChEM-H "Knowledge Management for the Academic Research Laboratory" (no video available)

Grace Baysinger, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Librarian, How libraries can support ELN's (video)

Dr. Audrey Ellerbee, Stanford Biomedical Optics Lab (no video available)

Electronic Lab Notebook Panel (video - includes presentations and panel)

  • Xavier Armand LabGuru
  • Earl Beutler, LabArchives
  • Dr. Monika Schleier-Smith, Physics Department
  • Dr. Kathryn Moler, Physics Department

Tuesday, July 28


Dr. Newsha Ajami, "Facing California’s Water Challenges: Rethinking Water Resource Management" (slides)

Dr. Richard Luthy, "Got Water?  The Future of Urban Water Supply in California" (slides and video - Ajami and Luthy)

Dr. Tara Moran,“Protecting California’s Water Savings Account: Passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act of 2014” (slides and video)

Water in the West Panel discussion (video)

Jaeho Shin, Deep Dive (slides and video)

Recap (video)

Wednesday, July 29

Software and Data Carpentry in the Lab Intro, Amy Hodge (video)
Dr. K.C. Huang, Biophysics, "A Bug’s Life: Understanding Microbial Life from Cells to Communities” (video not available)
Dr. David Goldhaber-Gordon, Physics (video)
Tracy Teal, Software Carpentry (video)
Software and Data Carpentry Panel (video)