Research resources

The growing volume and aging of web archives, increasingly robust ecosystem of tools and APIs, proliferating research examples and applications, and continued displacement of non-networked resources by web-accessible ones explain the rising interest in using web archives for research. While significant opportunity gaps remain for web content collection and preservation, there is mounting attention to facilitating useful access. Web archiving programs are experimenting with new access interfaces beyond browsing as well as institutional models for research support.

Though we ourselves have not yet formalized the specific provisions of our support for research using web archives, we are disposed to help however we can, including targeted web content collection, organization, and quality assurance; software training; and fostering connections with resources that may serve research using web archives. As a starting point, we have documented many of these resources, including data formats and APIs, tools, and tutorials and examples. Researchers are also encouraged to consult the resources made available through the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research and the Center for Computational Social Science. Please contact us if you have additional questions.